Perspectives on the Self

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (714 words) Published: July 16, 2012
Chapter 5 - The Self
Perspectives on the Self
* We buy products to highlight/hide aspects of the self
* Eastern cultures focus on:
* The collective self (person’s identity comes from group) * The interdependent self (person’s identity defined from relationships with others) * Western cultures focus on:
* Individuality
* Individual appearance
* Self-concept: the beliefs a person holds about his/her own attributes, and how he/she evaluates these qualities * Attribute dimensions: content, positivity, intensity, stability over time, and accuracy Self-Esteem

* Self-esteem: the positivity of a person’s self-concept * Low self-esteem: think they will not perform well
* High self-esteem: think they will be successful and will take risks * Ads can trigger social comparison
* Attractive models using products
Real and Ideal Selves
* Ideal self: our conception of how we would like to be
* Actual self: our more realistic appraisal of the qualities we have * Products can:
* Help us reach ideal self
* Be consistent with actual self
* Impression management means that we work to “manage” what others think of us * Fantasy: self-induced shift in consciousness
Multiple Selves
* Each of us has many selves and roles
* Marketers pitch products needed to facilitate active role identities Virtual Identity
* People are assuming virtual identities in cyberspace
* Avatars represent visual identity
* How do online “selves” affect consumer behavior?
Symbolic Interactionism
* Symbolic interactionism: relationships with others play a large part in forming the self * “Who am I in this situation?”
* “Who do other people think I am?”
* We pattern our behavior on the perceived expectation of others—a self-fulfilling prophecy Looking-Glass Self
* Looking-glass self: taking the role of the other
* We take readings of our own identity by...
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