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site analysis in the class!
Here you will find pretty much everything you need to think of when you are carrying out a site analysis for your university design project. What to take with you
Depending on the assignment you will want to consider taking the following items with you when you go to look at a potential site, or proposed site for your design project. It is unlikely you will be sent to a site that will require PPE (personal protection equipment) without prior knowledge but it could be worth checking with your tutor that it is not required. Camera – essential. Make sure you take pictures of everything. Also, make sure you get some shots of the site from a distance so you can use these in your final images. It is so frustrating when you go to the trouble of visiting a site and come back wishing you had taken more pictures. Don’t be embarrassed about taking pictures if it is in a built up area. No one cares what you are doing! Note book. Really important to be able to jot down any observations. Tape measure. Some sites may be close to hazards or situations where you will need to measure the proximity. Good weather! If you have a choice of when to visit the site try to pick a day when there is a bit of blue sky around. It will look better for your site photos, particularly if you are planning on using them in future presentations.

What to look out for
I would suggest you go with a list of items to look out for, and check off your list so that you don’t miss anything. My list would go something like this: Site and Surroundings
Site location details (road names, address, major landmarks etc) Current context – existing buildings, car parking, roads.
Access to the site – car parking, bus routes, train stations, cycle routes, pedestrian walkways. Accessibility – current provisions of disabled access to the site and how will this need to be considered. Circulation – how do visitors/pedestrians/traffic to or near the site flow around or within it....
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