Research on The Willingness of Motorists to Give Way to Pedestrians at Zebra Crossings Around the University of Lagos

Topics: Pedestrian crossing, Traffic, Walking Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: June 5, 2012

ADETUASE Christiana & OLUYEMI Abayomi
Department of Psychology,
University of Lagos.

Pedestrians are susceptible road users. In the University of Lagos, pedestrian have the right of way over cars at unsignalised zebra crossing as soon as they noticeably indicate their intention to cross the street. In this research, we present the findings of the willingness of motorist to give way to pedestrians at the unsignalised zebra crossing located in front of Moremi Hall in the University of Lagos Campus. It has been observed that the pedestrians have great difficulty in crossing as most of the drivers don’t care for the waiting pedestrians. The pedestrian have to wait for significantly long period of time before finding someone who is willing to stop for them to allow them cross, or wait until there are no vehicle close enough. This observable fact or event may probably be due to the misunderstanding on the rule of the right of way in such a situation or it could also be due to the attitude of the motorist themselves that they are not willing to stop because they would be losing travelling time whereas the pedestrian can afford to wait. Key Words: Zebra Crossing, Pedestrian, Motorist, Willingness

Pedestrians form an essential part of the transportation system and probably will remain as one of the most important mode of transport in the environment. Moving on foot will continue to be the primary mode between any particular trip’s origin and its final destination. Very short trip length within the campus would be more appropriate by walking as compared to taking the campus shuttle or the campus cab, so long as the facilities are been provided. Provision of adequate and safe pedestrian facilities in the campus setting would arguably encourage more people to walk, thus increasing the pedestrian traffic. The pedestrian is...
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