Personality Development

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Sigmund Freud Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: March 5, 2013
-Psychology-scientific study of human and animal behavior and human mental processes. -Logos-logic : Ancient greek philosophers. Introduce logos. Explain natural world. -Natural Philosophers-naturalistic/physicalistic explanations. Mythos: story or legend. -Empiricism-knowledge based on observable events. Instantly applied to understanding of natural world. -Personality Psychology-scientific study of unique, characteristic patterns of thinking. Feeling, acting(cognition, emotion, behavior) --Various Theories

“Different focus will produce different conclusions.”
Hebrew Tradition (mythos) - two basic impulses that are identified. 1. yetzer ra: selfish impulse. Drive towards survival. 2. Yetzer Tov: Selfish/altruist impulse. Moral. Christian Tradition (mythos) - Original sin. Basic Nature is selfish. Early Greek Tradition (logos) - Greek physicians:

Hippocrates (460-370bc) Human health/behavior-result of bodily fluids/humors. Imbalance of humors produces illness(blood, phlegm, bile). Related to fire water wind earth air. Galen (131-200ad) Development of Theory of Impernment (personality types)

4 Types: *Sanguine (blood and air) Personalities: extraverted, social. Extreme: arrogant, indulgent, impulsive
** Cholaric (yellow bile, fire) Personality: passionate, charismatic, ambitious, energetic. Extreme: dominary
***Melancholic (Black bile, earth) Personalities: thoughtfulness, considerate, creative. Extreme: OCD
****Phlematic (phlegm, water) Personalities: kind, dependable, reliable. Extreme: inhibited, reserved. ^Continues as Trait Theory
Myers Brigg personality type indicator--invented by Carl Jung E-I: extrovert/introvert
S-N: Sensing/intuative
T-P: thinking/feeling
J-P: judging/percepting
*16-17 Century:-------Essential Nature: Three Philosophies
Thomas Hobbs (original Sin) - inherently selfish, egotistically, aggressive. Must be controlled by society Jean Jacque Rousseau (noble savage) - inherently good, selfless,...
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