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Topics: Hippocrates, Humorism, Medicine Pages: 2 (914 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Hippocrates lived through the ages of 460 B.C to 370 B.C. He was the ancient Greek Physician of the age of Pericles. He is identified as the “most important figure in Medicine” and “The father of Medicine.” He was born on the Island of Cos. It was believed that his father, also a physician, traveled around and learned some practices. When he comes home he practices it and taught Hippocrates the ways. Hippocrates was the only one who believed that diseases were separate from Religion terms. He was the founder of Medical school. He had his own practices and treatments. He figured out diseases and how to treat them.

Hippocrates was certain that diseases were not punishments from God(s). He separated the discipline of Medical from religion. Long ago people thought that if you did something wrong and you got sick it was because that person had angered the God(s). He thought that diseases were caused naturally and by Environmental factors. Theses environmental factors were based on diet and living habits. Hippocrates had practiced Humorism. Humorism is the makeup and workings on the human body. It was the four bodily human fluids that influence their temperament and health. There were four humors of Hippocratic medicine. The Black bile would be “Earth” and your gall bladder. The Yellow Bile would be “Fire” and your spleen. The Blood would mean ‘Air” and your Liver. The last one would be the Phlegm which is water “water” and your brain/lungs. All of these elements were present in your blood. When all of these things are in balance it meant you are healthy. These categorize determined your mood and how you acted. It was separated into the seasons and the qualities. He also organized which illness was which into Acute, Chronic, Endemic, and Epidemic. Acute was a short disease. Chronic was a long term disease. Endemic was an infection and Epidemic was a certain disease that has occurred in a human population.

The treatment was to be very gentle and careful....
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