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There are many reasons for which I have chosen Australia for my higher education. I have always shown willingness and keen interest in studying. Along with that, academic skills have been an important consideration to me and I have a good understanding of them. I am interested in developing my Nursing knowledge and skills that can be used in many different situations. This is a life altering decision for me. I believe that the Australian education system has a very good reputation and assures quality education. Besides, it is a safe country with multicultural and welcoming environment. Moreover, students who studied in Australia are very successful in obtaining jobs in the Philippines especially in top level companies or hospitals. Studying in Australia will help me build skills such as creative thinking, being able to work on my initiative, strong teamwork and communication skills. Australian degrees are highly regarded by employers as they have a strong emphasis on practical experiences. Furthermore, admission to a University is competitive and class sizes are restricted to ensure that all students have sufficient access to equipment that leads to a better graduate outcome. I guess it is time for me to move beyond the horizons and get knowledge of the highest degree. The well-qualified and experienced staff, excellent laboratory facilities, exceptional research work and the guidance given to students at the college will provide me an ideal platform for accomplishing my goals. In the Philippines, while getting a reasonable job any foreign qualified person is always preferred and paid well. Also, the Philippines are in desperate need for foreign qualified persons and their skills to its growth. So in the future when I will return, I am sure to find a good position to serve my country.
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