Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Rebecca Perez
Gen 200
Monday February 27, 2012
Denise Finney

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility is extremely important in life because it dictates the quality of your life. Your life is directly affected by the level of personal responsibility you practice. The definition of personal responsibility is vague and broad. It is comparable to defining a personality trait that includes several traits in one. These traits include ethics, moral decisions, freedom of choice, self-discipline and accountability. Personal responsibility also plays a vital role in your success as a student. Your success as a college student has a direct correlation with personal responsibility. As a college student it is also important to have strategies in place for your success. Having a plan on how you are going to succeed keeps you on track and helps you to enhance your personal responsibility. Personal responsibility does not have the same meaning for everyone or the value that is placed on this practice. What is Personal Responsibility Responsibility is something that exists in the lives of everyone. On a daily basis we are required to satisfy some form of personal responsibility. If I had to define the word personal responsibility I would define it as consistently following through with what needs to be done and establishing a level of self-discipline and trust. The dictionary states the definition of responsibility as the state, quality or fact of being responsible; a duty, obligation or burden. There are many levels of responsibility: financial responsibility, economic responsibility, professional responsibility, and so on. I want to elaborate on personal responsibility. I believe this particular level also incorporates ethics and morals in its definition as well. “Moral responsibilities are equally pervasive, in that we are vulnerable human beings, caring for and cared by others. Moral sentiments relate to things that we have reason to value, moving us into action” (Sanghara, Ablezova, & Botoeva, 2011). Personal responsibility encompasses your ethical beliefs which also requires you to admit to your mistakes. It seems we live in a world where that is not practiced as often as it should. “Doing the right thing whether or not it is witnessed by others is a key part of taking personal responsibility for your actions” (Tracey, 2011). “The demise of personal responsibility occurs when individuals blame their family, their peers, their economic circumstances, or their society for their own failure to meet standards” (Haskins, 1996). It is so easy to place the blame of your problems on your environment. I believe this particular part of personal responsibility is the hardest to practice. If we all took the time to be aware of our lack of acceptance of our problems and started placing the blame on our own failures, we as individuals will have a whole new sense of freedom. This new freedom can be comparable to a weight being lifted of our shoulders and we can finally start taking control of our lives. This particular part of personal responsibility should be included in the dictionary definition because I believe it is easily over looked. Personal responsibility also encompasses our right of freedom. Our level of responsibility is surrounded by choices. We have the freedom to choose how we are going to fufill our obligations, the level of accountability we display, and whether or not we will accept when we made a mistake. “The subject is condemmed to be free, and to decide for himself/herself. Such a freedom is also related to his or her own responsibility, because his or her decisions will have to be made without any refrence to any higher ethical norm else that the one the subject is defining for himself” (Ballet, Dubois, & Mahie, 2007). In other words, we are able to make our choices of responsibility and we do not have to answer...

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