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Personal Responsibility: Defining One’s Worth

Personal Responsibility: Defining One’s Worth

“Personal responsibility is concerned with people taking individual accountability for their decisions and actions, together with the outcomes they create and their impacts on others”. (Malby, 2009). Self-responsibility is one of the first lessons we learn; this starts as an adolescent and continues until we take our last breath on this earth. Lessons learned from responsibility may be the hardest to accept, but like time, they are unstoppable. My values, morals, and ethical stance are what define me. These key attributes involve some level of self-responsibility. Personal responsibility is the most important of all other responsibilities because ones personal core values represent what they stand for in all aspects of life. All have played the blame game; it is always easier to justify a negative outcome that has occurred, on someone else who had any part in a specific situation so we personally do not have to acknowledge we may have blemished ourselves in some way. “Self responsibility and social responsibility are critical in helping us define who we are and where we fit into our social world. An important aspect of these responsibilities is the extent to which we feel in control and accountable for personal achievements or failures”. (Garmezy & Rutter, 1983). Whether they are right, wrong or indifferent, ownership for our actions begins in our early childhood years.

Every day of our lives, we make choice after choice; when we make a decision, we are accountable for our actions, and in this, we learn consequences. “Children will not feel competent if they do not develop a sense of ownership for their actions…” (Garmezy & Rutter, 1983). “The formation and integration of these responsibilities has been found to play an important role in the successful transition to adulthood.” (Werner & Smith, 1989). Every action has a reaction. The...

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