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Topics: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Academic degree Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Since beginning at the University of Phoenix, I feel I have come a long way from where I was on my first night. In a few weeks I have found so many of my different strengths and weaknesses, formed and meshed my new SMART goals into my semi-hectic life, found all of the resources I could ever need on campus and also online, and the list is endless. I also now have a greater understanding of my strengths and how to use them to better myself in school and also acknowledged my weaknesses and how to work on them. In this paper I will explain matters as to my degree choice and what motivates me to earn my degree.

Everyone has some ability that they feel proficient in, mine I feel is critical thinking or in other words common sense. Before you think this is a wide ability to say I am proficient in let me explain. With all of the facts and tools I have learned thus far at the university I feel that common sense could solve a lot of the faults to which the school feels it has to teach. I am not saying I am perfect and that these past two classes were pointless, I am saying they did help me to point out my strengths and figure out how to succeed in my future endeavors. I now have a perfect quiet study space to help keep me from getting distracted, I know most of the resources that the online library has to offer, Phoenix Connect will save my life multiple times, and the list is endless. With these classes under my belt I now know my goals and how to stay on the track I was helped to make.

My current educational goals are to complete my bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology to improve my career path to become a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Without an education, my career path is limited. Therefore, finishing my degree will open more opportunities for my future. Completing a bachelor’s degree will improve prospects for my career path, though to do what I want as my career I must first complete my bachelor's then thrive to achieve my master's. Both my...
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