Personal Philosophy of Success

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My personal philosophy of success is defined with three strategies I use for college success. To succeed in college you need to set yourself goals, and to help achieve those goals you need strategies. The strategies I will use for my personal philosophy of success are Setting Priorities, organization of materials, and DAPPS, Dated Achievable Personal Persistent and Specific. These strategies will help me through college by being more organized, neat, and well-ordered. Setting strategies to yourself will benefit to your college life not being unorganized. Also making goals for yourself can contribute in the long run to set future ones. MY first strategy I think is very useful for my college career is one of my own “Setting Priorities”. Setting priorities is as clear as it sounds. This is useful for someone who seems to slack off in urgencies, and give in to less important concerns. For example I would have school, work, and soccer as my main priorities, but I would get distracted playing video games. I than set certain amount of time for my main priorities each week making it a schedule. I would set for school double the amount of class time as homework/studying time off the class. As work goes, it is the same weekly schedule which coordinates with my class meetings. For soccer I would train three times a week two hours a day. I set the time for my training after I’m done or on a break from my school work, and regular work. So after setting my priorities to a schedule I know what my other less urgent concerns are, such as video games, surfing the internet, hanging out a lot with friends. This strategy has helped me set my life to limit on certain things to accomplish and remember what my goals are. For instance, a day I was tired from work and did not want to go to train and started to play video games. One hour into it I realized that I was wasting my time on video games, when I could’ve been training for soccer, trying to accomplish my goal to make the 4 time...
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