Personal Narrative: Volunteering At Sunny Days Camp

Topics: Family, High school, Mother, 2008 singles, Father, Parent / Pages: 3 (571 words) / Published: Nov 24th, 2015
It started when my best friend convinced me to join her at her annual volunteering job at the summer camp. Though I agreed, I could not help but think, “I have never looked after kids much less talked to them, how am I going to behave being around four hundred of them?” This was how I began my first day volunteering at Sunny Days Camp. Within the first week, there was already a little girl named Mikayla who was crying in a corner. I did not want to be put in an uncomfortable situation, so I told my best friend to help her; I was scared that I would make her feel worse. To my dismay, she was busy so I had to handle the situation on my own. A million thoughts were running through my head as I was walking over to Mikayla. “Oh no, what if I

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