Personal Narrative: My Obstacles Of My Life

Topics: Religion, Christianity, God, Catholic Church, Faith, Roman Catholic Church / Pages: 3 (549 words) / Published: Dec 2nd, 2015
Life is full of obstacles, some that just require positivity and perseverance and others that require that and actual actions. They affect our lives in many ways but usually they are set upon us so that we can prove to ourselves what we are capable of. However, we do not see that until we had overcome it. Not long ago I was challenged with one of the biggest obstacles of my life and it had to do with my religion. I was raised as a Catholic and I loved my religion but as I grew up I started to have more and more questions about it. I never asked anyone because I was scared that people would judge me and look at me as if I was a bad Catholic. Therefore, I just kept my thought to my self but that made me grow farther apart from my church and …show more content…
I did not know if going to explore other religions was wrong because I was doubting to my religion and I knew that inside I would always be loyal to Catholicism. Except I would go back and think about some of the beliefs that I do not share with my religion and wondered if that was going to cause a conflict. I was so indecisive but one day just after waking up it hit me. I love my religion and the only reason as to why I am confused is because I am not close to it. I do go to church every Sunday but I knew that was not going to cut it for me because that would not get me all the answers. That is why I took the initiative to register for my confirmation classes and I also asked my parents to sign me up to the youth retreat that was coming up. It was a very spontaneous and last minute decision but I needed that. I need to learn more about my faith because how could I learn about other religions when I have not even gone all the way with mine. Now I am currently attending confirmation classes and not to be boastful but I am the most engaged in my class. Even though this obstacle was a pretty scary and life changing it was definitely worth it. I am very thankful to God for putting this challenge because he knew it was a way to get me to be

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