Personal Mission

Topics: Education, Special education, Teacher Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Running head: Personal Mission

Personal Mission

Ashlee McGrady
Grand Canyon University
SPE 330 Special Education Foundations and Framework
July 28, 2011

Personal Mission
Each person has their own idea or thoughts on things. You may think that it is silly to live in the country so far from the city while I may think it is silly to live in crowded city. The same goes for perspective educators; each individual has their own opinion of what it is going to be like to become a teacher and what their classroom is going to be like before they have completed their first educational class. As time passes and classes are taken, those preconceived thoughts can have a way of changing your future expectations. Views become more realistic and you understand what there really is to being a good teacher. Wanting to become a special educator is a relatively new desire of mine. After spending some time in my mother-in-law’s cross category class I thought that teaching could be a good thing for me. So I started looking into becoming an educator. At this point I was not sure about special education, but once I started assisting in inclusion classes I knew that special education is what I wanted to do. It appeared to be easy read the IEP, follow the IEP, and then update it when the time comes. I figured when it came to the actual classroom that you go into the classroom and provide the class with the material relevant to that course and move forward in preparing them for their state test at the end of the year. I knew that there would be things that I needed to learn along the way, but what I did not realize is how much there was that I needed to learn. Once I acquired my position as an assistant I realized that there was a lot more to the job. I have to be able to read and understand IEP’s then carry out the appropriate accommodations for each special needs students. I did not realize how much more work the special education teachers had to...
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