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Topics: Social work, International Federation of Social Workers, Learning styles Pages: 17 (5535 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Personal Development Planning DE3R 34
HNC Social Care
Jude Sayer
Create and Maintain a Personal Development Portfolio and Action Plan 20/09/2012
Word Count: 5546

Pages 2-12Assignment
Page 13Bibliography
Page 14 Appendix 1
Page 15Appendix 2
Page 16Appendix 3
Page 17Appendix 4

Throughout this portfolio, I intend to look at where I am in my personal and professional life right now. In order to do this I am going to reflect on past events that have led me to create this plan. I shall then look at where I plan to be, and what steps I shall take to reach my goals. Over the course of this academic year, I shall revisit, revise and amend my personal development plan as I learn more about myself, try and improve on areas that I have identified as weaknesses, evolve as a student, adapt to new information, and overcome any obstacles that may arise as life itself runs its course. Detailed in the table below, is a list of my qualifications and information relating to course I have undertook. Name

Laura Jane Edwards
SQA Number
Center Details
Dumfries and Galloway College
HN Details
HNC Social Care

Full time/Part time
Full time

Start and finish dates
September 02 – June 13

Core Units
Social Care Theory for Practice
Social Policy and its Application to Social Services Provision Psychology for Social Care Practice
Sociology for Social Care Practice
Social Care: group award Graded Unit 1
Promote Effective Communication for and about Individuals
Promote, Monitor and Maintain Health, Safety and Security in the Working Environment Reflect on and Develop you Practice

Optional Units
Understanding Loss and the Process of Grief
Personal Development Planning
Other Qualifications
Intermediate 2 Mathematics, English
Welcome Host Customer Service Training
NVQ Level 2 in Administration
8 Standard Grades at credit level: Mathematics, English, Biology, Geography, German, Art and Design, Music, Spanish Grade 5 in Trumpet
Grade 3 in Electronic Organ

When I initially applied for this HNC course, I had done so with the intention to use the qualification to apply to the University of the West of Scotland to undertake their degree programme to study towards becoming a Social Worker. My primary reason for doing so, was the vast and varied experience with Social Services in my personal life. I found that there were some who I came into contact with that were incredibly helpful and influential to the decisions that I took as a young adult. Due to their assistance during a difficult time at home, I found that by engaging in conversations with them, they listened to what I needed and were able to offer practical solutions to help me. In order to show the chronological progression that has led to me pursuing this course, I have included a timeline (Appendix 1) of what I would regard as significant events in my life. There are undoubtedly both highs and lows of both my personal, educational and professional life, however upon careful consideration and reflection I feel that this course shall be the stepping stone for me to move forward towards my goals and aspirations. As the oldest of four, I had always been an active support to my siblings. They all had varying degrees of learning difficulties and posed a daily challenge to my adoptive parents. I think this was one of the reasons that my mother began to use alcohol as a means to cope. Her addiction unfortunately meant that she was unable to care for my siblings and I naturally fell into the role of a carer. Throughout these years as the responsibility put on me increased, I began to find it difficult to cope with the strains of our family life. By the time I was preparing to sit my Standard Grades I developed anorexia, which was something that I used in a vain attempt to feel in...
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