Personal Development Planning Week1

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Personal Development Planning (PDP) Weekly Reflection and Planning week1 Learning Outcomes (LOs)
Look at the LOs for ILSC (in the DMD and the MG) and choose two of these which are applicable to the activities you undertook in your class this week. Write these in the spaces below and then write a paragraph for each explaining what you did and how you feel you have progressed. 1. To set the goal and standard.

In our class this week we learnt about what pre-master’s class for and what will we get from this class .I learnt how to distinguish what is my goal and how to make a plan for setting the daily standard for myself for my studies and homework. Before I used to do my work until last minute and sometimes I will postpone the thing I should do until next day, but now I will write down the standard which I should at least achieve each day.

2. To know myself weakness and strength.

This class to make us know ourselves better, I tried to analyse what is the thing that I am good at and how can I keep it. For example, I think I am good at communicate with people so I can work with team. About my weakness, I found I am really bad at presentation. I get nervous easily that’s why every time when I did my presentation I lose confidence and eye contact with audiences. I will practice more like trying to say thing in front of people and develop my skills.

Personal Aims
Look back at the three goals you set for yourself in week one. For each of these explain how you feel you have progressed towards achieving this goal. Also assess whether any of these goals need to be reviewed in light of progress made/ planning. 1. To improve the reading skills and research skills.

Before I usually don’t know why we read this article and what purpose for. Then I would read the article word by word and when I didn’t understand the words I stopped to find dictionary then I became to lose patience then gave up. Now I know figure out the purpose for reading. Activate...
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