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Your topic: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AS A MANAGER AND LEADER Your topic's description: 1. A detailed CV showing your career development to date including an outline of any managerial experience. 2.An explanation of the importance of continual self-development in the achievement of organizational objectives. 3. A discussion of opportunities for supporting your personal professional development to meet current and future needs 4. The creation of a plan (including achievable and challenging goals)to direct your own personal development showing the resources required and the implementation process including a supporting business case to secure resources. 5.A discussion of the processes required in implementing the plan , including an evaluation of its impact on role requirements and organizational objectives showing evidence of review and updating. 6. A discussion of the relationship between healthy &safe working practices with organizational objectives , including how to communicate various responsibilities. 7. An explanation of the process for conducting a risk assessment , together with the action taken by a manager in dealing with any breach. 8. A discussion of relevant records that are maintained to demonstrate that healthy&safe working practices are met. (Important note for the first question: I worked as a assistant manager in Zarin Palace Hotel swat Pakistan and i want for the future after the completion of my study to open my own institute for management). Your desired style of citation: Essay Your educational level: Guaranteed 2:2 Standard Refrencing Style: Harvard Referencing Number of page: 8


Personal Development as a Manager and Leader [Writer Name] [Institute Name]


Personal Development as a Manager and Leader 1 Name Dear Sir, It’s my indeed pleasure to present my Career CV to you as I am assured that I can be a strength to your organization and would grow your assessment to my enclosed resume that depicts my Managerial operational characteristics and skills. Throughout my entire career as well as the experience in the hotel business in Zarin Palace Hotel swat Pakistan, I was fully involved in different operational Managerial areas in additional to the opening, reopening and rebranding experiences. That knowledge and understanding of different operational aspects gave me the cosmopolitan performance, which have reflected on my management skills as well as gave me full confidence to present my CV to you. Management Profile Extremely accomplishedidealisticManager with years of domestic and international experience in hotels operation. Havegreatteam building and leadership tactics that guide to efficiencyof ideal performance from the team of hotel.Tenacious in achieving corporate objectives with a proven record of delivering exceptional P&L results.; Strategic thinker and planner ; skilled in the design and execution of effective operational plans. Empower management team, foster consensus and cohesion for achievement of the organizational goals. Problem solver and analytical minded with the capability to observe chances and hazards missed through others.


Core Competencies         Operations & General Management Market penetration Special projects developments Control of operational expenses Personnel development Revenue & Profit Growth Business segments Expansion Team building & Leadership

If my candidature is from interest for you please contact me at the email or phone number above attached below. I am excited to further discuss my experiences and observe your facility. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your deliberation. Yours sincerely, 2 Organisations need to ensure that they have the adaptability and flexibility to thrive and succeed in their business. This requires a formal framework for access to self-development for all staff. It should be linked to the organisational performance review or appraisal system.


The policy should stress that...

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