the importance of volunteer work

Topics: Civil society, Education, Leadership Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: October 10, 2013
The Importance of Community Involvement and Volunteering

What it takes to be a contributing member in today’s society is a lot different from what it took to be one in previous generations. People have different expectations and requirements, and they must learn on their own to meet them. Although there is not a set way to learn these expectations and meet them, the importance of community involvement and volunteering is demonstrated by how it teaches us to both learn them and meet them. It teaches people how to give back. It gives people the opportunity to give back. And more importantly, it makes people a part of society.

Simply giving back to the community is a very undermined concept that people often overlook. A big factor that helps make today’s society actually functional is people who simply choose to give back. Community involvement and volunteering teaches people this concept because they are not given any physical materials for their work. Although there is always an underlying motive behind giving back like credentials or goodwill/good-reputation, it is important to note that giving back doesn’t take anything from the community like money, which can be used for greater purposes. Giving back is a concept people must learn in today’s world, and through it, people are also given the opportunity of personal development.

Personal development is the one thing people can always do something more of. Especially in today’s society, people greatly lack personal development and a big factor is today’s technological innovations. Everything can be done at home and nobody ever meets face to face anymore. Although what’s expected today and what was expected generations ago is different, certain skills that were required previously are still required today. It’s noticeable that the upcoming generation lacks certain skills that were considered common in previous generations. These skills include adequate communication skills, demonstration of...
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