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Personal development concerned with the activities of developing one’s personality including talents and potentials, communication skill, self identity, life excellence, personal grooming, self confidence, self esteem, self improvement and personal relations with other. Different kinds of knowledge are required to solve problem, set our objectives and to take necessary actions to develop our skills. So, it is very important for a person to develop his own skills


We must have to consider a lot of research to learn or acquire any kinds of knowledge. It is the general way people can use to learn. The author thinks people can learn in a cyclic pattern. The more we are getting older the more we are acquiring knowledge to develop our skills. (kolb, 1984)

A person has to go through four steps to learn effectively.

These are – 1.Activist 2.Reflector 3. Theorist 4.Pragmatist

In short if you want to develop yourself you have to make sense of what you are learning through self awareness.

Unit-1.2: Personal and key skills: self assessment

Self assessment is a process you need to follow to distinguish with a standard. These things are need to develop to attain self assessment.


It is one of the most important things to evaluate person’s skill. How a person can maintain his academic qualification, punctuality as well as communication skill is very important to manage him. Moreover, a person have to set his objectives and have to take necessary action and finally have to evaluate his performance to manage himself perfectly.


A person should take responsibility for self growth and development. He needs to take part in group work. He needs to take strategic plan to develop his quality and evaluate it with his target objectives. All these things could be done if he could have managed his learning process.


A person can be able to develop his skills if he is capable of identify the actual problem, analyze the problem, evaluate it and can take necessary actions to solve the problem.


If anyone wants to develop his skills he has to develop his all type’s communication skills. He needs to develop his oral, verbal and written ability and he have to practice it according to the need.


A person needs to develop the ability to work with others. You have to give importance to other’s word, analyze it and finally able to make decision with co-operating with others.


Data managing ability depends on the ability to collect data, interpret that data, use numerical information and lastly the ability to take strategic plan according to the data.

Unit-1.3: Analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

The main theme of the task is to evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of myself so that I can take necessary steps according to the analysis.

A sample SWAT analysis:

| | | |Strengths (Current) |Opportunities (Future) | |Good academic background |Will help me to apply top level organization. | |Good communication skill |Will be useful to dealing with people | |perseverance |Will be able to save time | |Punctuality |Help me to do any task efficiently | |Concerned with different social club...
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