Personal Communication Devices Within the Workplace

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Should Personal Communication Devices Be Allowed Within The Workplace?

I do not believe that personal communications should be allowed on the job, even during a slow period. Allowing employees the ability to fill time with personal distractions during “company time” sets a precedent that could lead to the employees falling behind in their work because they allow their personal life take over at work. Not only is allowing employees to become distracted at work disruptive but it interferes with the work flow when the slow period ends. There is also the issue of security for some jobs that must be dealt with.

For a work place to be cohesive and work as it should an employer cannot allow some of his employees to talk about non related issues that could potentially distract those that are working or put forward an image to the customers or clients that work comes second to leisure at their place of operation. It can be increasingly difficult for others to continue working when their peer in the cubicle next door is making plans for dinner or talking about personal issues. It can also make customers uncomfortable because the professional atmosphere is not available in the establishment. There is also the issue of the employee including others who are busy with clientele and alienating the customer by making them feel unappreciated and that their time and business is not being properly seen to.

Personal distractions also interfere with the flow of work, because they sometimes need to be continued during times that are not appropriate. Even if they were started during a slow period, they could potentially continue into a time period in which business begins to return to a normal flow or a rush might come in. Thus forcing the employee to put priorities on the issue that they were allowed to start to deal with and the influx of customers. Allowing personal diversions takes the employee out of the mind frame needed for work and their focus is no longer fully on...
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