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Nvq Err Task B

By chris13mck Apr 18, 2013 543 Words
Task B – Your Work Role

Bi-Describe Terms Conditions of Contract of Employment

Job Description,

Defining my Role, Responsibilities as well as the roles of others such as Managers & Supervisors.


Such as Rate of Pay, Holidays, Sickness Benefit, Pensions & Expenses.


Working Hours, Illness, Absence, Complaints Procedures, Notice Periods (leaving & dismissal), Company Dress Code, Changes in Circumstances, Assessments & Training.


Correct Use of Company Equipment (telephones & computers), Codes of Behaviour, Health & Safety.

Bii-Describe Information on Payslip

Company Name, My Name, Payment Number, Payment Period, Employee Number, Tax Code National Insurance Number, Payment Date, Rate of Pay (holiday, sickness, overtime), Contributions (tax & national insurance, pension), Gross & Net Pay.

Biii-Identify 2 Changes in Personal Info

Any change in circumstances such as my name, address & contact information.

Bv-Explain Agreed Ways of Working

Data Protection

By agreeing that no data is disclosed without the consent of clients and ensuring that all sensitive information is stored in a secure manner (filing cabinets locked, computers password protected).


By agreeing a solution with the employer in order to resolve any disputes or differences in opinion which can be recorded in writing in order to avoid Legal or Trade Representations.

Conflict Management

It is essential that good lines of communication exist between the employer & employee so that the employer is confident that the employee`s time in the workplace is both constructive & productive.

Anti-discriminatory Practice

In order to maintain no person is discriminated against in the workplace employers should offer guidance with the Company Discrimination Policy & employee`s should participate in training.

Health & Safety

The employer needs to outline the employee`s role & responsibilities within company in order for the employee to work in a safe & secure manner when making practical decisions in the workplace.


It is essential that this is maintained at all times in order to promote professionalism, trust, value, understanding & confidence in the employee`s ability when dealing with clients & their needs.


Unethical behaviour by staff & management is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated in any circumstance. Employers should have strict guidelines in order for the employee to make an informed decision on possible breaches & report accordingly without the fear of repercussion.

Bvi-Explain How Role Contributes to Service Provided

My role is provide clients with support, attention & understanding in order to provide them with the best possible care I can provide.

Bvii-Explain How to Influence Quality of Service

Best Practice

Customer service is priority, I must be kind, considerate & polite at all times in order to promote client confidence which can be done easily with constructive comments & positive feedback.


By not carrying out the requirements of my role the basic care & attention required by my clients would suffer & this would have a destructive and negative impact on their recovery.

Bviii-Describe How Own Work is Influenced by Codes of Practice etc.

These National factors & Codes of Practice give me guidance, standards & guidelines to follow whilst Legislation advises me of what is considered safe & acceptable behaviour within the workplace.

Bix-Influential Representative Bodies

Social Services

Providing a wide range practical & emotional support services which offer awareness & security in order to manage the welfare of vulnerable people within the community.

Human Rights

Offering a secure & safe standard of life without prejudice or discrimination.

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