Personal Branding

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Personal Branding
Why people agreed to pay Rs.5 for attending Narendra Modi’s Rally? Why do we have people who build temples in name of Rajnikant and Amitabh Bachhan and not for any other equally successful movie star? Is it only because of the talents possessed by these individuals or something beyond that? Do these personalities “brand” themselves and consciously do or refrain from doing things that affect their brand image? We all already have a personal brand, every person does. In our profession, industry or area of expertise, our personal brand has grown like a pearl inside an oyster, built from layers of our behaviour, treatment of others, the result of our work and the things we say .Over time a blend of image, identity and reputation combine to create simple, clear perceptions about us in others. We all impact other people’s brands through nothing simpler than having a conversation about them when they are not with us. “A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon. Also outside our immediate circle of friends and family, people know us primarily by our personality, reputation and past performance. In a sense, they know us by our Personal Brand.

A Personal Image is not a Personal brand Without strategy, all we have is a personal image. It’s the collection of qualities people identify with us: our sense of humour, our hairstyle, our clothing, our favourite food, our physical characteristics, and so on. Together, these qualities help people form a mental picture of us. A personal brand is different it is the Public projection of certain aspects of a person’s personality, skills or values; it’s not the entire human being. It is the enduring perception of the person, not the actual person. In the best circumstances, a personal image is an accurate reflection of the Personal Brand. Mother Theresa looked like a woman dedicated to lifelong servitude of the...

References: Personal Branding by Peter Montoya
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