Perseus Short Essay

Topics: Greek mythology, Medusa, Athena Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Perceus was born from not a happy little family but of a woman locked up in a tower. His mothers name was Danae. She was a princess and her father was king Acrisius of Argos. He was worned by an oracle that the son of his daughter would kill him one day so he sent his daughter to the highest tower in all of Argos.

Then one day a bright light came to Danae and it gave her a baby. The bright light was actually Zeus in disguise. Then a few years later Argos came to Danae’s room and heard laughter. He came in and saw the baby and immediately sent his guards to take a chest and put them in the sea hoping they would sink, but they didn’t.

They ended up on the shore of an island called Seriphos. There a fisherman named Dictys whose brother was king of Seriphos found them. Perseus had grown into a man and Dictys helped and watched after Danae and Perseus as long as he could but nothing could keep his egotistical brother from getting what he wanted. Dictys’ brother was king Polydectes. Polydectes fancied Danae and wanted to marry her but Perseus didn’t want him to marry his mother. Perseus wanted to fight Polydectes but new he would loose so he sought out a way to defeat him and found his answer with Medusa. Medusa was a cursed thing that’s hair was made of snakes and a single glance can turn you into stone. You can see how killing her would be a challenge.

He set off but had to make several stops along the way. Fortunately for Perseus Athena wanted Medusas head to be on her shield for war since she was the goddess of wisdom and war craft. She told him were to get the special equipment. 1st he had to go to Atlas, the god who holds the heavens 2nd The gray sisters or the Graeae to find the nymphs 3rd To go to the nymphs who guard the helmet of invisibility and finally he would journey to Medusa.

He went to atlas and convinced him to give up his secrets. Then he tricked the gray sisters by taking their single eye for the three of them and they gave in to his...
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