Medusa My Research

Topics: Medusa, Greek mythology, Gorgon Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: December 13, 2005

My research report is on Medusa. She was a monster who lived in Okeamos, which is in Greece. She was a beautiful lady until she angered Athena, who turned her into a monster with huge tusks, a scaly body, and snakes as hair. Keto and Phorcys were Medusa's parents; her sisters were Stheno and Euryale and they made up the Gorgons. Medusa was a one of the three Gorgon sisters. She was the only one of the sisters that was a monster, she was also the only mortal one of them. She was a very beautiful girl until she asked Athena to go to the south to see the sun.This was because she lived in the north with her sisters and her parents where the sun never shines. Another myth is she met Poseidon and married him and she got pregnant by him. They lived in a temple owned by Athena. Athena got angry so she turned her into an ugly monster so ugly no man could look at her. When Athena said no Medusa got mad, and said something about her beauty. Athena was mad after that and turned her hair into snakes and made her face so ugly that who' ever looked her in her eyes would turn to stone. This sent Perseus on a mission to chop the head off of Medusa and return home with her head in his hands. Off Perseus went to search for the three sisters of Medusa who were called the Graiai. Theses sisters were very weird because they were blind and could see with one eye that they passed between themselves so each could see. Perseus grabbed the eye and refused to give it back to them until they told him where Medusa was. The Graiai gave in and told Perseus where to find the Gorgons. They also gave Perseus a few magical items to help him in his quest. One these were a pair of "winged" sandals to fly with, another was a magic bag that grew to any size to hold any object put in it. The Helmet of Hades to make the wearer invisible. These items along with his sword and shield that Hermes and Athena gave him helped Perseus reach Okeamos to face Medusa. Perseus sneaked up on Medusa and...

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