Performce Apprisal

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Almost every organization in one way or another goes through a periodic Ritual, formally or informally, known as performance appraisal. The formal Performance appraisal has been called a tool of management, a control Process, an activity and a critical element in human resources allocation Uses for performance appraisal have included equal employment opportunity Considerations, promotions, transfer and salary increases. Primarily performance Appraisal has been considered on overall system for control in an organization regarding the performance of individuals, groups and entire divisions. Performance Appraisal may be defined as a structured formal interaction between a subordinate And supervisor that usually takes the periodic interview (annual or semi-annual) in Which the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed, with a view to identifying strengths and weakness as well as opportunities for Improvement and skills development.


To analyze the factors affecting work performance of workers at EICL


To study about the effectiveness of performance appraisal system of Employees in EICL
To study the employees attitudes towards performance appraisal •To make suggestions and recommendation to improve the present appraisal System in EICL

The success of industry or business establishment depends on the performance Of its employees. So periodic assessment of performance is of utmost importance to any establishment. The EICL considers HR as very important element in creating an environment of technological and management excellence. The company provides its employees with a number of opportunities to grow as the company accelerates a The findings of the study will be useful for EICL to adopt latest performance appraisal system. It may help in policy implication to correct the existing performance appraisal system. The study of the performance appraisal evaluation system prevailing in EICL therefore has vast scope and utility.

Source of data collection
Both primary data and secondary data were used for conducting the research. a. Primary data
Primary data, the first hand information were collected through Questionnaires

b. Secondary data
Secondary data means data that are already available that is they referred to the data which has already been collected and analyzed by some one else. It may be either be published data or unpublished data In this study the sources of data are

company manuals
annul reports
Sample design
The population of study consists of employees of EICL numbering 261

Methodology of sampling
The methodology adopted was simple random sampling

Sample design
The total no. of samples taken for study was 50

Tools taken for data collection
The main tool used for data collection was a questionnaire which was distributed among the employees of EICL Tools for analysis
The main tools adopted for analysis of data is percentage analysis Tools for representation of data
The tools used for representation of data are tables, charts, diagrams and graphs 1.5 Period of study
The time taken for data collection was 30 days from January-16-2013 to february-14-2013

Any study cannot be 100% accurate at all the time. This is because of the inherent limitation that could be present in such a study. The project is restricted to the response of those interviewed during the period of data collection. Fear of employees could hence retain the respondent from...

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