Exploring the Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal

Topics: 360-degree feedback, Human resource management, Qualitative research Pages: 44 (11950 words) Published: November 25, 2012



A Dissertation presented in part consideration for the degree of “MA MANAGEMENT”


I would like to thank my supervisor, Nick Bacon for his invaluable advice and guidance throughout the project. I would like to thank all the participants who participated in my research. I would like to thank my family and friends for their guidance and encouragement throughout the project, without which the project would have been impossible.


ABSTRACT This dissertation seeks to present the effectiveness of the appraisal system of a Multi national company in India. Hence, the performance appraisal system of this company was studied. The study also explains how performance appraisal systems have encouraged employee development in the organization considered.

The study explores the importance of performance appraisal in the organization. It explores how organizations have to be organized and systematic in their approach, so that they can extract the exact performance from their employees which can help them, to create a balance between performance and achieving organizational objectives. This paper, explains how performance appraisal helps in evaluating and assessing the employees on a common ground and helps to establish training and development program which helps the employee to grow in the organization. It also helps, to understand how performance appraisal helps in other personnel decisions like promotion, salary increments etc.


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Performance appraisal overview How widespread is performance appraisal? Objective of study Overview of chapters CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW How was performance appraisal evolved? Linkage of Human resource management and Performance appraisal

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Purpose of performance appraisal Perception of PA in organization How is Pa conducted? Management by Objective: Graphic Rating Scale BARS and BOS Motivation and Goal setting theory Feedback 360 degree feedback Summary of Literature Review


CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHOD Research objective Research methods Quantitative Vs Qualitative Why Qualitative? Research Tactics Primary data Design of interview questions When was research done? Secondary research Limitation of Qualitative research Summary of research methods CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS OF DATA PART A COMPANY INFORMATION PART B ANALYSIS OF DATA Summary of chapter CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION


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Exploring the effectiveness of Performance Appraisal in Multi national company. CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION:

The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the effectiveness of performance appraisals in Multi national company and its effect on the employees and the organization. This paper, explains how performance evaluation helps in assessing, evaluating and appraising employees performance in the organization as well as rewarding employees and providing them with the necessary training and development. It tries to explain, how it motivates employees when goal setting theory is applied in order to perform better in the organization. The, study basically highlights the impact of performance appraisal on the employees and on the organization. The key purpose of performance management in organizations is that it helps in; measuring the effectiveness of performance in the organization also, it helps in identifying training needs and largely promotes motivation towards work. But, how exactly does performance appraisal help in running the organization? Every organization has a set of objectives and functions and the main task is to accomplish the desired objectives and functions. This can only be achieved, if the employees know their duties well. Employees form an important asset of the company, therefore they should be...

References: Armstrong, M and Baron, A. (1998) Performance Management, London : IPD
Ashford, S.J
Patten, T.H., Jr (1977), Pay: Employee Compensation and Incentive Plans, Free Press, London
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