Performance Appraisal Form Template

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performance appraisal form template

Part A Appraisee to complete before the interview and return to the appraiser by (date)

A2 Discussion points:

Part B To be completed during the appraisal by the appraiser - where appropriate and safe to do so, certain items can completed by the appraiser before the appraisal, and then discussed and validated or amended in discussion with the appraisee during the appraisal.

360 Degree Evaluations
Randall Grayson, Ph.D.
Social, developmental, & organizational psychology applied to camp


HRMagazine, May 1996 v41 n5 p104(5)

The business argument for flexibility. Baxter W. Graham.

Abstract: Alternative work arrangements that offer flexibility are beneficial to both employers and employees. Work arrangements that cater to the varied needs of employees boost employee recruitment, productivity and retention, and ultimately enhance the company's bottom line. Chubb Group of Insurance Cos. found this out with its innovative paid time-off and snowy day child-care programs, which it added to other programs such as flextime, short work weeks, job sharing and telecommuting. With programs to suit different needs, Chubb's employees are better able to balance work and family lives, which will redound to maximum return on investment for the company. Full Text: COPYRIGHT 1996 Society for Human Resource Management A paid time-off bank and a snowy day child-care program have helped improve productivity and employee retention at Chubb & Son Inc. Innovative companies are trying to help employees maintain control of their lives in today's increasingly demanding work environment. Cutting-edge alternative work arrangements are intended to give employees the flexibility they need to balance work and family responsibilities. But even the best developed programs won't be successful unless company managers believe they'll still be able to supervise their staffs and that these efforts will help the company meet its goals, improve productivity, and increase employee retention and customer satisfaction. The key to making new human resource initiatives work, particularly those that break established patterns for manager-employee relationships, is developing programs that satisfy both employee and senior management concerns. At the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, a 1991 work-and- family needs analysis determined that of 7,800 U.S. employees, 60 percent were in dual-career families. About 50 percent had child- or eldercare responsibilities and another 20 percent anticipated having such responsibilities within three years. Almost one-third of employees who left the company thought their decision would help them balance their work and family lives. The analysis raised concerns about Chubb's ability to recruit and retain high-performing employees and thereby continue to progress toward its goal of being an employer of choice. The loss of key staff members may impede customer relationships and continuity. Recruiting, training and developing new hires results in significant costs, as does the inefficiency and loss of critical skills created by an employee's departure. It costs 97 percent of salary to replace the average insurance industry employee. In the case of exempt employees, the average replacement cost is 150 percent of salary. On the basis of this data, it cost Chubb more than $3 million to replace the 50 exempt employees who left the company in 1992 and 1993 for child-care reasons. Turnover statistics, however, don't tell the whole story. When unhappy employees remain with the company, they are less productive and likely to be absent more often. The analysis showed that 47 percent of workers took off an average of eight days per year to attend to dependent-care responsibilities. Total salary expenses for this number of...
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