Perfect Pizzeria

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Training Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Catherine SoledadJerald Bred
Shiela Mae BardinasMila Rose Prado
Sittie Amira MunibJinky Pedroso
Syvan June Lusanta
This case entails the decision of a manager of the Perfect Pizzeria in South Ville, Illinois. The chain pizzeria restaurant manager is forced to make certain decisions in order to receive his bonus. The manager is paid this bonus only if the damaged or unsold food percentage is low at the end of the month and must devise methods to ensure that the employees don’t abuse their six hour benefits and give away extra food at no cost to their friends. If the manager does not achieve this bonus he is paid his normal wages. In the case scenario, the manager found that the more restrictions he put on the employees food allowance or punitive action he took, the higher the damaged or unsold goods margin at the end of the month will be. This would indicate that the less they were allowed to eat, the more they ate and gave away to their friends when the manager was not present. That the less they were allowed to eat, the more they ate and gave away to their friends when the manager was not present.

What should be done by the Perfect Pizzeria Management to improve the Manager-Employee Relationship within the company? Objectives:
1. To be able improve manager-employee relationship within the company. 2. To be able to have a clearly regulations, reward systems and definite basis for each managers and employees. 3. To be able solve the currently company’s problems and to improve company performance. 4. To be able to be the most desirable pizzeria in South Ville. 5. To be able to be the largest pizzeria in the United States. ACA

1. The area supervisor should conduct trainings and seminars as well as team building activities. 2. The area supervisor should create an effective motivation so that they can have efficient employees. 3. The management should have a systematic criterion of being a...
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