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Topics: Joint venture, Employment, Problem solving Pages: 3 (593 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Case Analysis: Elektra Products, Inc.
I. Statement of the Problem:
This case is about the implementation of an employee involved and empowered organization at Elektra ProductsInc. The top management recommended to implement such as to permit managers to follow a product from design to sales to customer; allow sales employees to get an on the spot refund of $500 worth of merchandise; make information available to sales people about future products and swap sales and manufacturing employees for short periods to let them get to know one another’s job.  

On the other hand the majority of the company employees upon hearing of the plan have shown disinterest and scepticism to the idea, due to would like to implement as per the Director of the Human Resources Department the idea for personal change would everyone’s low morale, loss of trust towards the company and lack of communication. The employees are not open to embrace the change that the company destroy the carefully crafted job categories that had just been completed. The finance department argued that allowing sales people to make $500 refunds would create a goldmine for unethical customers and sales people and the legal department warned that providing such information to sales people can result to industrial spying. All these were mentioned by the employees after the CEO Martin Griffin left to attend a meeting for a particular client.  

Barbara Russell the vice president of the manufacturing department and part of the problem solving team is left with the idea whether to keep her mouth shut; take a chance and confront Martin to push slowly for the reform and work for gradual support from other teams; or look for another job and leave the company she really cares about.  

II. Objectives
The objectives of the problem are to provide a successful action plan towards the involvement and empowerment of the company employees and to establish a harmonious relationship with all the employees and top...
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