perceived organizational support

Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Employment, Psychology Pages: 7 (2510 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Essay Topic: “Perceived Organizational Support” (Eisenberger, Huntington Hutchinson and Sowa, 1986). Perceived Organizational Suppor is a useful concept for managers due to its relationship with important outcomes such as commitment.

Generally speaking, in today’s competitive environment, if organizations want to keep successful and prosperous, which needs to learn how to keep employees (Colakoglu et al., 2010). Employees are viewed as one of the most significant dimensions for most organizations, especially, service-based organizations, because of the benefits of delivering successful performances (Evans et al., 2003:71). Such as hotels and restaurants. Ghani(2006) stated that employees result in organizational success. Perceived Organizational Support (POS) is one of the most important organizational concepts that can keep employees in the organization. The meaning of Perceived Organizational Support is that it refers to employee’s perception concerning the extent to which the organization values their contribution and cares about their wellbeing. Perceived Organizational Support has been found to have important consequences employee performance and well-being (Eisenberger et al., 1997).  Perceived Organizational Support began with the observation that if managers are concerned with their employee’s commitment to the organization, employees are focused on the organization commitment to them (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchinson, & Sowa, 1986). For employees, the organization serves as an important source of sociomotional resources, such as respect and caring, and tangible benefits, such as wages and medical benefits (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchinson, & Sowa, 1986). It is known that being regarded highly by the organization helps to meet employee’s needs for approval, esteem, and affiliation. Positive valuation by the organization also provides an indication that increased effort will be noted and rewarded. Employees therefore take an active interest in the regard with which they are held by their employer. For me, I totally think that Perceived Organizational Support owns lots of positive effects. The purpose of this essay was to investigate the positive impacts of Perceived Organizational Support on organizational commitment. Furthermore, it would analyze the relationship and effect of job satisfaction for employees. Moreover it aimed to study the performance-reward expectance and employees’ behavior and commitment. Learned from Perceived Organizational Support concept, employees needed to be highly valued, as organization was the main resource of their vital interests. There were medical benefits, salary and social benefits, such as admiration and caring (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchinson, & Sowa, 1986). Employees need to be recognized and more concerned with the commitment of organization to the, being valued by the organization yield such interests like salary, promotion, respect, other forms of aids, and access to information by which they could carry their jobs better than before. When people were treated well, the reciprocity norm obligates encouraging fulfilling once action in return (Gouldner, 1960). Perceived Organizational Support concept is directly linked with three categories of favorable treatment received by employees, such as, organization rewards and favorable job conditions, fairness and supervisor support, in return favorable results are completed (Rhoads and eisenberger, 2002). Perceived Organizational Support concept is getting accepted steps by steps in the scope of management and modern business world. Employees need to be valued and they are more cared about the commitment of the organization to them. Reciprocity is mentioned above that it is applied by both employee and employer in their relationship by which both of them can make their jobs better, both of them can produce better and more positive results. What is more, employees normally think that negative or positive effects to them...
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