Pequenitas Service Club Analysis

Pages: 2 (391 words) / Published: Nov 17th, 2017
A club that has really stuck by me throughout high school is Pequenitas service club. In this club we go out of our way to help others in our community some of the main activities include: Aids run, Color Run, MAXX OUT, YMCA Stair Climb, and the Burrito Project. The purpose of these services are to help spread awareness and be able to improve the community. A particular activity that stood out to me the most was the burrito project. Living pretty close to downtown LA I frequent visits there. I’ve witnessed homeless people asking for help and it hurt knowing that I could not do anything to help at the time. Until one day I came across the Burrito Project. I brought upon an idea to the club that we should help out the homeless. During the wintertime we all met at a church in Pasadena to prep the materials. At the church we make the burritos, it was considered the main meal for them. After making the burritos …show more content…
When we arrive I took another look around to realize the living conditions homeless people have to face everyday. The homeless had to sleep on hard concrete floors in unsanitary conditions. Although we had arrived in LA during the evening it was still pretty cold, and I knew at night it would only be worse for them. Seeing the conditions they had to deal with was heartbreaking knowing how much life has offered me compared to them. As we began handing out the bags, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how they would react. However, as I handed out my first goodie bag the homeless man’s instant reaction warmed my heart up. This was definitely an eye-opening experience for me, not only did it make more appreciative, but it also made me realize the struggles that many have to face. After being a part of this experience I realized I have the capability to offer so much more, in hopes that one day I can take this on a larger scale, internationally and help others in third world

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