Pepsico Value Alignment

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Value Alignment Paper

Alignment Paper

In today’s business environment, organizations employ a multicultural and diverse workforce to have a competitive advantage over other organizations. This diversification allows organizations to focus on all walks of life, developing products that reach all cultures. However, this diversification allows values and ethical standards from many different people. It is the duty of top level executives in an organization to instill ethical, morale, and the company vision to all of its employees. Executives must “walk the talk.” In this paper team A will discuss and analyze the origin and subsequent evolution of personal and the PepsiCo organization workplace values; explain how individual values drive actions and behaviors. Team A will analyze the alignment between values, actions, behaviors, and analyze the degree of alignment between PepsiCo’s stated values, personal, and the organization’s plans and actions. Personal & Workplace Values

PepsiCo original mission statement is to be the world’s premier consumer product’s organization concentrating on convenient foods and beverage. The business seeks to produce financial incentives to investors as PepsiCo furnishes opportunities for development and enrichment to employees, business partners, and the communities in which they function. With everything PepsiCo does, they strive for honestly, fairness, and integrity. PepsiCo Values and Philosophy are a reflection of the socially and environmentally responsible organization that they desire to be. These values and philosophy are the foundation for every company’s decision making in and around the universe. PepsiCo strives to care for our customers both internal and external to better service the world, which we operate. The organization sells only products in which they can be proud of in our community. The attitude of the organization is to speak with truth and candor. PepsiCo strives to balance short- term and...

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