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“Performance with Purpose”. That is American multinational corporation PepsiCo’s commitment statement. With operations in 200+ countries, PepsiCo has been dubbed the second largest food and beverage brand in the world. Focusing on environmental sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, PepsiCo is said to be a proactive industry leader in decreasing their global impact, while being profitable.


Sustainability’s most used explanation is “To meet the present human needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The term “ELF” (Environment, Local People, Future), highlights the core focuses of sustainability. PepsiCo is committed to using an ELF type structure in the creation of new methods for the manufacturing and distribution of its numerous products. Partnering with non-profit organizations Earth Institute and, PepsiCo works actively on its commitment to sustainability. Some of its most evident efforts can be seen in its Indian and Chinese divisions. A major exploits is in the conservation and replenishment of a scarce regional commodity: clean water. The company recognizes humanity’s great need for that resource. In India, conduction of business in areas where uncontaminated water was scarce created scrutiny of the corporation. PepsiCo began its positive water usage movement, and implemented drastic changes. By reevaluating its irrigation methods, and diverting to a system that is “direct”, their new method uses 50% less water than a traditional watering system. From there, they invested $15 million dollars into the building of safe clean-water tanks for the local people of the Indian regions in which they were manufacturing. Innovative potato harvesting developments in China can be seen in their use of machinery which captures the natural H2O found in potatoes, and uses it to...
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