BUS 430 HW 2 Coca Cola s Water Neutrality Initiative

Topics: Water, Water management, Wastewater Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: June 3, 2015
Name- Qazi Adil
BUS 430

Chapter 2 Discussion Case: Coca-Cola's Water Neutrality Initiative

1. The public issue in this case was concerning the quality of water TCCC was using, how safe if was for its consumers, and the deprivation of water from local villagers. In this case, the stakeholders were concerned with TCCC’s water consumption claiming it deprived local villagers of supplies for drinking water and irrigation, and depleting groundwater by its processes. They also raised concerns with the quality of its products, which they believed contained dangerous levels of pesticide residues.   The corporation’s actions clearly did not match up to the stakeholders’ expectations. Their expectations differ from that of the company’s performance in that, they expected the company to provide safe products through conservative practices only to realize that its products may contain pesticides, and that it was depriving villagers of water and depleting groundwater by its activities. 2. After applying the strategic radar screens model to this case the most significant would have to be geophysical environment.   I say this because stakeholders were concerned about the negative impact TCCC was having on the physical surroundings. 3. All of the stages in the issue management process were applied in this case. Coca-Cola used the identify issue in order to identify the problem of using too much water, in which they then used the analyze issue to determine what plants are using too much water and where can they improve in their operations to make them more efficient. After analyzing the situation they then generated options on how to cut down on their water usage and how to give back to help the communities that they have taken water from. They then proceeded to take action joining in reducing usage, recycling and replenishing. Coca-Cola decided to take action by supporting and participating in various water conservation projects and would only discharge water from their...
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