Topics: Civil service, Political corruption, Bureaucracy Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: October 15, 2014
The PDCA cycle consists of four major components, each of which can be subdivided into the necessary step-by-step problem-solving activities. The first component is Plan. Before any corrective action is taken to prevent leakage in public funds, information must be collected on what is the root cause of this problem, what is the possible solution that can be developed and which alternative is the best for implementation. All of this needs to be done by people carefully selected on the basis of their association with the process involved and their special relevant knowledge, skills and experience. The Auditor-General’s Report showed that the root cause of this problem is public servants did not possessed integrity and honesty in carrying out their tasks. Besides that, the government agencies have failed in their tasks to tackle graft which revealed multiple cases of corruption, overspending and wastage by civil servants, government-linked contractors and ministries.

The second component is Do. The solution chosen as best should be implemented. The enforcement agencies must be independence from any political party to make sure changes can be done into the public sector without any interference from the political side to avoid conflict of interest. The process of implementing solution into the public sectors should also be transparent to the public so that the public servants know that they are accountable to do the changes.

The second component is Check. The implemented solution must be monitored whether it eliminate the problem or made it much less likely to occur. The assessment of the solution must be checked regularly to gain new information about the problem and to compare with the data collected before the solution is implemented.

The last and the most important component is Adjust. If the Check step confirmed that the leakage of public funds has been eliminated or it is not likely to recur, then the job is done. If, however, it was found that the...
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