Pc Maintance Notes

Topics: Uninterruptible power supply, Backup, Maintenance Pages: 2 (256 words) Published: May 24, 2013
PC Maintenance
As you study this section, answer the following questions:

Why is dust an enemy to a computer?
What will too much, or too little, humidity do to a computer? When considering HVAC, what is the difference between a positive pressure system and a negative pressure system? What causes EMI and what can be done to prevent problems with it? How can a magnet affect a floppy disk or tape?

What types of materials can you use to clean internal PC components? When is it important to use an anti-static vacuum?
How are backups related to preventive maintenance?
What is the difference between a surge and a spike?
Which type of device protects against over voltages?
What is the difference between the way an online UPS provides power to a system and an offline UPS provides power? After finishing this section, you should be able to complete the following tasks:

Connect a UPS to your computer.
Configure UPS settings for notifications and shutdown.
This section covers the following exam objectives:

2.5 Given a scenario, integrate common preventative maintenance techniques Physical inspection
Use of appropriate repair tools and cleaning materials
Compressed air
Lint free cloth
Computer vacuum and compressors
Power devices
Appropriate source such as power strip, surge protector or UPS Ensuring proper environment
Backup procedures
6.1 Outline the purpose of appropriate safety and environmental procedures and given a scenario apply them EMI
Network interference
Cordless phone interference
Electrical safety
Matching power requirements of equipment with power distribution and UPSs
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