Patient Information System

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1. Title of the project: Patient Management System
2. Domain: Hospital
3. Project Architecture: N-Tire Architecture
4. SDLC methodologies: Waterfall model
5. Abstract of the project:
In a given day, number of patients visits a hospital or a clinic. Many hospitals in India still manage the patient data manually. Hospitals will be able to save money and time if they have a good software program for managing patient’s data. The idea is to develop web based patient management software that can be used to keep track of the patients registering in a hospital or clinic. Doctors and the rooms available in a hospital can be managed using this system. Also, this system should support accessing the previous visit histories of any patient, search for patients by name etc. A few points to be noted about the system we are developing here * A patient can be categorized as “ In patient” or “Out Patient”. If patient type is "In Patient", a bed will be assigned to the patient. * A doctor will be assigned to each patient before the patient meets the doctor. Only one doctor can be assigned to a patient at a given time. * A patient can visit the hospital any number of times

The important roles associated with the system would be:

Administrator: Administrator will have complete control of the system. She/he can Add/Edit/Delete patients, Add/Edit/Delete Doctors, Add/Edit/Delete Beds, Search for patients, Assign patients to doctors.

Doctor: Doctor can access a patient’s record and update his observations about the patient in that particular visit.

Reports: The following reports can be generated. You can implement more reports which you think can be useful.

* Utilization of doctors
* List of Patients diagnosed by a disease
* List of patients who visited during a given time period


* Cannot Upload and Download the latest updates.
* No use of Web Services and Remoting.
* Risk of mismanagement and of data when the project is under development. * Less Security.
* No proper coordination between different Applications and Users. * Fewer Users - Friendly.

The development of the new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in view of the database integration approach. * User friendliness is provided in the application with various controls. * The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible. * Readily upload the latest updates, allows user to download the alerts by clicking the URL. * There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process. * It provides high level of security with different level of authentication.

1. Administration
2. Employee
3. Doctor
4. Reports
5. Authentication
9. FEATURES: Create a web based Patient Management System (PMS) for a hospital with the following features

* Registration - This feature allows to add/edit/delete patients in the system.

* Patient Management - Before we let a user to visit a doctor, we should classify whether he is an in-patient or an outpatient. Then basic symptoms should be captured and entered in the system. Existing patients can be searched by name, admission date, patient ID etc. * Patient Visit History - Previous visit histories of the patient can be accessed

* Assign Doctor - Assign a patient to a doctor based on the basic information of the patient’s problems. Based on the specialization and availability of the doctors, patients should be assigned.

* Doctor Management – Add / Edit / Delete the doctors working in the hospital.

* Bed/Room Management – The beds or rooms in a hospital can be managed. Add / Edit / Update the rooms with details. Check availability and...
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