Parts of Adobe Photoshop

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Overview of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop…


is a tool to create, modify, combine and optimize digital photos and images. is a seriously powerful photo and image editing application.

Photoshop is an image editing tool not a design tool or a drawing program.

Opening Photoshop…

1.Click on the Start button on the taskbar. 2.Move the mouse pointer to All Programs. A submenu will open. 3.Click Adobe Photoshop Icon

Parts of Adobe Photoshop

Title bar
Displays the name of the program and the name of the active image or picture.

Menu Bar
-provides different menus and sub-menus/commands for photo manipulation. - most familiar interface elements that contain all sorts of options.

Options Bar…

•Useful tools that provides

different option settings/commands for the selected tools. Displays the current settings for each tool.

Toolbox or Toolbar

• It contains a bunch of icons that • •

represent the different tools Photoshop offers to alter and create image. It is where the tools you will apply directly to the canvas are found. Toolbox or the tools panel is likely the part of the Photoshop workspace you will find yourself working the most.

Palettes or Panes

•The palettes or panes in •

Photoshop helps you monitor and modify image. All sorts of information are displayed in panes.

•quickly change the view of •

Navigator Palette

your artwork using a thumbnail display. The colored box in the Navigator (called the proxy view area) corresponds to the currently viewable area in the window.

•provides a color ramp along the bottom •

Color Palette

of the palette for quickly picking an approximate color. displays the color values for the current foreground and background colors. Using the sliders in the Color palette, you can edit the foreground and background colors using different color models.

•Undo or redo multiple steps. •Temporary copy of the image, and use for experimenting.


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