Unit 221 NVQ Business and Administration - Knowledge Questions

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1.1 - Identify different types of equipment and their uses

The different types of equipment in the office are computer, fax machine, franking machine, photocopier, printer and scanner.
The computer is used for the internet to find out needed information or emails. Work is also completed using Microsoft programs.
The fax machine is used to send copies of documents or important information to other businesses.
The franking machine prints postage stamps onto envelopes or stickers that are put onto parcels.
The photocopier is used to copy documents and reprint them.

The printer is used to print out copies of document s from the computer.
The scanner is used to scan paper documents and put them onto the computer so there are virtual copies.

1.2 - Describe the different features of different types of office equipment
The different features on a computer means that I can use the internet to research information about the task I need to compete. I can also use emails on the internet using the computer, this helps me keep connected to different people and important information can be sent securely using this. I can use Microsoft programmes that include Microsoft word, I use this to write letters or write important information.

The different features on the photocopier enable me to change a colour document to black and white and print it. I can also resize the original document to a smaller or larger size.

1.3 explain why different types of equipment are chosen for tasks
I would choose different equipment for certain tasks. For example if I needed a copy of a document from the computer that needed to be paper copy I would use the printer to print off the document then I would photocopy the document and print it out as many times I needed.

2.1 Explain the purpose of following manufacturer’s instructions

The purpose of following the manufacturer’s instructions is for safety reasons. A member of staff could be harmed or...
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