Parle G

Topics: Brand management, Brand, Advertising Pages: 4 (638 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Segment| People looking for an affordable foods brand|
Target Group| Lower and middle class families in rural and urban areas| Positioning| A good quality affordable foods brand|
Product Portfolio|
Brands| 1. Hide & Seek                          2. Parle G3. Milk Shakti                           4. Marie5. Monaco                                 6. KrackJack7. Wafers                                  8. Monaco Smart Chips9. Full toss                               10.Melody11.Mango Bite                        12. Poppins| SWOT Analysis|

Strength| 1. One of India’s most popular brand
2. High brand recall
3. Price advantage – products at affordable price
4. Strong supply chain network5. Popular subsidiary brands like Parle G, Monaco, Hide & Seek, KrackJack, Melody, Fulltoss, Poppins, etc.6. Diverse product portfolio including biscuits, sweets and snacks7.Strong presence in rural markets8.Parle G is amongst the most sold biscuit brands in the world9.Variety of CSR activities like ‘My Green Planet’, ‘GoluGalata’, etc.| Weakness| 1.Similar products produced by many companies like marie, glucose biscuit, bourbon, sweet and salty crackers, cream biscuits, etc.2. Dependence  on Parle G brand for most of its revenue| Opportunity| 1.Innovate by introducing products for health conscious people 2.Growth of the foods industry in India

3.Aggresive marketing and advertising4.Rise in purchasing power of consumers5.Product line extension| Threats| 1.Rise in the cost of raw materials
2.Competition from  other brands|

Parent Company| Parle|
Category| Chocolate|
Sector| Food Products|
Tagline/ Slogan| Melody khao khud jaan jao; Melody hai chocolaty| USP| Caramel with chocolate filling|
Segment| People looking to have a  chocolate which is high in quality and moderately priced| Target Group| All age groups Lower, middle and upper class people| Positioning| The most chocolaty...
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