Bimbo Strategic Analysis 2

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SWOT Analysis3
Porter’s Five Forcers Models of Competition4
PESTEL Analysis5
External Factors Evaluation (EFE)7
Internal Factors Evaluation (IFE)8
Competitive Profile Matrix8
TOWS Matrix9
SPACE Matrix10
Boston Consulting Group Matrix11
The General Electric Business Screen Matrix12
Grand Strategy Matrix12
Decision Stage - Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix13

Grupo Bimbo is one of the largest companies in the world and one of the baking companies Largest food in the Americas , with a diversified portfolio of approximately 10,000 products and more than 100 brands. The Company is engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of sliced ​​bread, sweet bread, pastry homemade type , cookies , cereal bars , sweets, chocolates , sweets and salty snacks , flour tortillas wheat toast, caramel and fast food , among others. Through the development of brands, fresh produce and quality and continuous innovation, the Group has earned a share of market leadership in bakery products in the U.S., Mexico, in most Latin American countries in which it operates and in Spain and Portugal. The Group operates in 19 countries including USA, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, Portugal and China. At December 31st 2012, the Group operated 154 manufacturing facilities worldwide, with a capacity to produce commercial quantities of a variety of products in their major markets. In order to ensure the freshness and quality of its products, the Group has developed an extensive direct distribution network, which has one of the largest fleets of distribution in the American continent. At December 31st 2012, the direct distribution network of the Group included approximately 51,000 distribution routes, spread over more than 1,600 distribution centers and reaching over 2.2 million outlets. The Panel finds that this distribution network is one of its main competitive advantages. Main brands in Mexico

To Nourish, delight and serve our world.
Vision 2015
We are a company with trustworthy leading brands for our consumers Our customers’ preferred supplier
A forward looking and innovative company
A financially strong and sound company
An extraordinary place to work
In 2015 we are the best baking company in the world and a leader in the food industry, where people make the difference every day. “We strive to be a highly productive and
deeply humane company.”

SWOT Analysis2

We can see in the SWOT analysis that Bimbo counts with really strong characteristics that positions it in a unique place in the market in comparison with their competitors like their global expansion, their distribution channels and all the brand equity (values, brand image and fidelity). Not everything is perfect for Bimbo as it has to take in consideration those weaknesses they have in order to grow in a faster way, nothing worry but they have to work on that in order to not be affected by the threats and take advantage of the opportunities.

Porter’s Five Forcers Models of Competition

Rivalry among competing firms industry.
There are several competitors in the baking industry. It is estimated that the top four companies account for only 11.7% of the market. The industry is characterized by many small bakeries, but there has been a recent trend towards consolidation of economy of scales. Businesses compete on price, quality, differentiation and relationships with key suppliers. Threat of new entrants.

The barriers to entry into the industry are low. Economies of scale are beneficial but are not required for success in the industry. As a result small businesses can enter with a small amount of capital. The two main determinants of the success of the new company is the leader's ability to get enough distribution...

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