Topics: Parking, Multi-storey car park, Iowa City, Iowa Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: March 12, 2014
After observing students at The University of Iowa, I found that several were unhappy with the parking on campus and in the Iowa City area. Many felt that the locations are inconvenient, spots are limited, and the cost is too much for what they are getting. Students in residence halls felt that they were at a loss for parking and the opportunities of being able to have a car on campus. Doing some research on specifically the cost and revenue of campus and Iowa City parking, I found that the majority of our money from parking meters, hawk lot permits, and parking violations are put towards the improvement of garages, roads, and sidewalks. In this essay, I will provide you with a solution to the inconvenience of parking for students at The University of Iowa.

Iowa City has a total of five parking garages that are all public access. The University of Iowa has several garages but five that are located in the central campus area. Iowa City has a common frowned upon reputation for there parking. Several students

A negotiation between Iowa City and The University of Iowa for students to purchase a parking permit for public parking garages would be a huge step in student parking on campus. Ideally, students are just looking for a convenient location to park their vehicle and have a guaranteed spot at a reasonable price. To distribute more permits, students would be assigned a specific parking garage as well as a specific spot. Right now, students have to pay about an average of $0.66 for every hour in the parking garage (ICGOV). I believe that students would be more willing to buy a pass if the location was near central campus, easy to access, and has unlimited usage. Being a student on campus, I know I would.

With a 30,000 student populated campus, there are 15,773 parking spots for students, employers, and visitors (Anania 2). I feel that that ratio should give Iowa City a good background of the amount of parking that is needed. Therefore, I think that Iowa...
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