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E-Consulting’s vision:
“Managing the Knowledge of the
new Millenium”

Product Offering

• Folio Views (SW for Information Management)
• NXT 3 (Content Server for WEB).
• “Paperless Office” (Documental Management solution
developed on top of Folio Views & NXT 3).

E-Consulting’s Paperless Office
Solution for Managing Electronic Documents
that :
• It can back-up all type of informatino in one
Infobse (up to 3GB)
• Retrieves instant & precisesly relevant
information (more powerful than Google™)

• Promotes Collaborative Work
(it coordinates internal coordination)

Paperless Office’s value added
• Access to Historic Backups:

It keeps on-line backups of critical documents (eg,
Invoices, Credit Notes, Account Statements, etc.)

Paperless Office’s value added (2)
• Instant access to relevant information :

Powerful searches and conceptual analysis capabilities
over selected documents, frees time and centrilized IT

Paperless Office’s value added (3)
• It promotes Teamwork :

Resources for coordinating internal coordination :
(1) Alternative alert approach to rigid work-flows ,

(2) It eliminates document duplicity and outdated versions , and (3) It allows to add analysis information over the master data and also allows to keep a shadow file with private notes .

Paperless Office’s Benefits
• Empowers any activity that is document-intensive:

Collections, Auditing, etc.
CRM and SRM.
System, Business Processes & Policy manuals.
Help Desk’s logging and coordination.
Training manuals, CBTs, etc.

• It works as a backup of Critical Information
– It allows to set-up in one hour a Disaster Recovery
temporal solution that delivers basic operation continuity
(queries to historic records backed-up in the System)

• It promotes team work
– It facilitates collaboration via multi-use, on-line editing

• It has a GUI similar to MS Word™
– It reduces the learning curve.

Paperless Office’s Benefits (2)
• It improves Customer Service :
– Clients have the perception that are dealing with
“knowledgeable people”, “at all time”, and “in any place”.

• It increases the Operational Efficiency :
– It improves Customer Service’s Quality by reducing
drastically the timings of administration cycles,
– It releases resources allocated to filing tasks that do not add value to the organization, and
– It reduces Operational Risks when facing a disaster.

• It increases Stakeholders’ value :
– By publishing in a Corporate, secured, encrypted
repository the Organization’s knowledge, and
– It facilitates Auditing processes.

Alert Creation
In four steps :
1. Select text to Highlight,
2. Apply the propper
3. Add a Sticky note with
details, and
4. Save the changes.

Quering the Alerts
Alerts can be
queried in only three
steps :
1. Call the “Query by
Alert” command,
2. Select the Alert name
from the Alerts list,
2. Click OK.

E-Consulting’s Paperless Office :
CASE: Electronic Invoices
• Collections’ clerk requires less than 1 minute to do
its job :
– 5 seconds to retrieve the requested Invoice,
– 30 seconds in create a Sticky Note with historic data, and – 5 seconds to apply a colored “Alert” to coordinate the team work (eg, its boss).

• Notice that is no more required to have a “phisical
dossier” :
– Everything is on-line (document + process’ history)
sharing with others authorized your notes.
– Reduce space, furniture, paper, and ink costs.
– It protects the organisation from clerk’s absentism.

• It reduces costs in about 30% and Administrative
Cycle in about 70%

Accessing the Data via a WEB Server
• A Content Server Module (eg,. NXT 3) can be added to
expand access to WEB users :

Paperless Office’s Architecture
Access to Infobase
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