Seeing the Big Picture
Jerrilyn Cordett-Sinclair
Walden University
May 24, 2014

Seeing the Big Picture
A detailed summary of the principles IDEA, Section 504 and ADA will be addressed to explain the educational experience for special need students. To start, the term (IDEA) represents the Individuals Disabilities Education Act which was previously known as (EHA) the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. The (EHA) was implemented in 1974. IDEA’s sole function for its service is to provide and enhance appropriate education for children with disabilities, as well as early intervention and special services related to education and other forms of disabilities. Furthermore, The Individuals Disabilities Act (IDEA) has incorporated six significant focal points. They are (1) Zero Reject; (2) Nondiscriminatory Evaluation; (3) Appropriate Education; (4) Least Restrictive Environment; (5) Due Process and (6) Student and Parent Participation. As defined the Zero Reject principle pledges every child who has a disability and is eligible the right to a suitable education. Next, Nondiscriminatory Evaluation promises each child the privilege to be evaluated and placed in an appropriate educational environment. The Appropriate Education model assures every child with a disability receives an (IEP) Individualed Educational Plan or Program that fit their needs. In terms of Least Restrictive Environment entails that each child with a disability are able to receive and education in the same environment as a typical child, as long as the education is suitable to the child’s needs. Subsequently, Due Process is a standard that guarantees the family’s and the child’s right to dispute any portion of the child’s education. Lastly, Parent and Student Participation ensure the family and the child is involved in all aspects of making the decision to incorporate or create a program that is based on the need of the child....
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