Use Office Equipment

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Unit 221

Use office equipment

1.Know about different types of office equipment and its uses.
1.1 Identify different types of equipment and their uses.
There are many different types of office equipment in our work. The main one found in the offices are:
-telephone- we use it to make and receive a phone calls
-printers- to print document and work papers
-shredder- to shred important notes, paper work
-computers- we use them to many work related tasks. Word processor programs are used to type up notes and minutes and to produce reports and communications, while spreadsheet programs will be used in account keeping. Computers allow access to the Internet, which provides both internal and external communication tools in the form of e-mail.
1.2 Describe the different features of different types of office equipment.
Different types of equipment got different features and can be used to different things. For example: printers can print in a wide choice of colours and can produce double sided printouts. A telephone can have different features, we can use it to make and receive a calls but also we can leave a messages on them. The feature of a stapler is that it staples paper, so we can bind important documents/ paperwork. Features of a pen enables us to write letters, reports and notes.
1.3 Explain why different types of equipment are chosen for tasks.
We use different types of equipment for different tasks because it makes our work easier, quicker and more efficient. For example: it would not be practical, cost-effective or time-efficient to fax a 50-page document, it will be better to send it by email. Moreover if we are short of time it will be quicker to email document than print it and post it.
2.Understand the purpose of following instructions and health and safety procedures.
Instructions are provided to staff to help them carry out tasks in the correct way and in a manner that ensures they are kept safe.
2.1 Explain the purpose of following

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