Topics: Crime, United States, Violent crime Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Seamus O’Reilly
Professor Fitzpatrick
IRE 1101
17 March 2011
Violence on American Soil
There are many roots and causes to evil in different societies, but is there a sole scapegoat to be found? When it comes to the Unites States of America, there is not one specific cause to our high homicide rate and other violent crimes. Many experts’ opinions differ on this topic as to why America is one of the leading countries in violence. Scott Coltrane states, “We were founded on violence and we continue to perpetuate it on one another” (Violent Crime). I believe this to be a false assumption based on historical facts that would be irrelevant to our ever changing culture.

I believe it is completely contradictive to compare America’s current violence in relation to the past. Times have not only changed but also many of our laws. Violence has been a part of every country’s history since the beginning of time. It is not possible to pin point one problem as the cause of this country’s violence. Any form of crime is looked down upon. Certain forms of crime are looked at to be much worse than others. “Among the most reviled forms of violent behavior are what have come to be known as hate crimes” (Violent Crime). While this rings true upon America’s past, I do not see it as a modern problem as it was decades and centuries ago. I do not condone hate crimes in any way shape or form, but I do not think it is an imperative statistic of crime in our country. Hate crimes occur all over the world, and are a small percentage of violent crimes that take place. 2

When one looks for the reasoning for violent acts in a country, most look to the youth. Scott Coltrane mentions, “Most parents use physical punishment, most boys get in fights, and we obviously have much more homicide” (Violent Crime). How can we blame the parent’s for a portion of our violent crimes solely on the way they disciplined their children? It is not implied that excessive physical punishment leads to a...

Cited: Violent Crime. Coltrane, Scott Spkr, Heger, Astrid Spkr. Intelecom, n.d., Valencia College. Web.
12 March 2012
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