Paper Qualification Are Batter Than Experience

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There are many reason why I don’t agree paper qualification are better than experience. A lot of employers look at both. Work experience is a good thing to have and something many employers value because it shows that you've actually done the job before and know at least a little bit about what you are doing. Paper qualifications can mean as little as you simply read about how to do the job in a book or were able to pass through classes (possibly even doing little to no work). This is not to say that paper qualifications aren't an important part of the training process, but having work experience means that you've actually experienced the job. Why I don’t agree because now day experience make some company trust or confident to give that person a job or position in organization. Another good reason is some special job more suitable for experience person only. Beside that statistic shows that, change to get a job with experience are more than paper qualification. I think that experience is not replaceable Firstly, why I didn’t agree with statement because now’s day some company trust people that have more experience because when your subsequent job will depends on your experience of your previous job. Because when you go out there and work, you'll find that you don't use all the crazy stuff you learn in your degree program. You have to learn new stuff. So once you get the experience, it is such experience that actual teach you the things you will do in a real job.
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