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Objective type

Q #1.Mcqs.(12)

1.At dynamic equilibrium

a) the reaction stops to proceed.b) the amounts of reactants and products are equal.

c) the speed of the forward and reverse reactions are equal.d) the reaction can no longer be reversed.

2.Bronsted bases are also Lewis bases because

a) Lewis bases contains extra protonb) Lewis bases have volatile charge

c) Lewis bases have lone pair of electrond) Lewis bases are electron acceptors

3.Ferichydroxide is insoluble precipitate and has …………………..

a) blue colorb) white colorc) brown colord) dirty green color

4.The reduction of alkylhallides takes place in the presence of

a) Zn/HClb) Na/HClc) Mg/HCld) Cu/HCl

5.Deficiency of vitamin E causes

a) ricketsb) scurvyc) anemiad) night blindness

6.Which one of the following is reducing sugar?

a) glucoseb) maltosec) sucrosed) starch

7.Buildings are being damaged by acid rain because it attacks

a) Calcium sulphateb) Calcium nitratec) Calcium carbonated) Calcium oxalate

8.Which one of the following salts makes water permanently hard

a) Na COb) NaHCoc) Ca(HCO )d) CaSO

9.Concentration of the copper one is carried out by

a) calcinationb) roastingc) froth flotationd) distillation

10.The nitrogen present in urea is used by plants to synthesize

a) sugarb) proteinsc) fatsd) DNA

11.Matte is a mixture of

a) FeS and CuSb) Cu O and FeOc) Cu S and FeSd) CuS and FeO

12.Permanent hardness is removed by adding

a) Na zeoliteb): Soda limec) Lime stoned) Lime water

Short Questions

Part(A): Write answers of any 15 question. Attempting 5 from each part.

1.How direction of a reaction can be predicted?

2.Why equilibrium state is attainable from either way?

3.Prove that water is an amphoteric specie?

4.Give 2 uses of Magnesium hydroxide?

5.What is soda lime for what purpose it is used?

6.Define pH? What is the pH of water?

7.Name the acids present in

(i) vinegar (ii) ant sting

(iii) citrus fruit (iv) sour milk


1.Is coal tar a compound what is its importance?

2.Define petroleum?

3.Write classification of coal?

4.Why benzene and other homologous compounds of benzene are called aromatic compounds?

5.What do you know about hydrogenation of alkenes?

6.Write down the structural and molecular formula of ethyne?

Part (C)

1.What is the difference between ghee and oil?

2.Give the general formula of amino acid?

3.Justify water soluble vitamins are not injurious to health?

4.Why the temperature of upper stratosphere is high?

5.How sulphur containing compound are emitted naturally?

6.How ozone layer forms in stratosphere?

7.What is the principle of removing permanent hardness of water?

Extended Questions.

Attempt any two questions.

Q No1.(a)Write a detailed note on Ammonia solvay process.(5)

(b)Explain the process of Roasting with reference to copper?(4)

Q No2.(a)Define Acid rain. How it forms and what are its effects?(5)

(b)Explain that amino acid are building blocks of proteins.(4)

Q No3.(a)Write balanced chemical equations.

(i)A mixture of ethyne and hydrogen...
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