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Topics: Unemployment, Economics, United States Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: August 28, 2013

According to, unemployment rate in the Philippines rose to 7.5 percent in April from last year’s 6.9 percent. The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) said the country's unemployment rate increased by 0.6 percent due to a lower level of employment amid a slightly higher labor force level. Majority of the unemployed were high school graduates (31.7 percent), college graduates (21.3 percent) and college undergraduates (14.6 percent), the state agency noted. About half (48.2 percent) of the unemployed were aged 15-24 years old, 27.5 percent of which are male while 20.7 percent are female. There are many factors why unemployment is rising in our country. Private investors must expand so that there will be people who will have a job. Also, government also are responsible because we have laws to protect the people but instead it’s just a piece of paper. We are living in a competitive world and it’s our duty to reach the norms of development. A higher educational attainment maybe is one way to uplift the unemployment rate in the Philippines. INFLATION IN THE PHILIPPINES

According to the : Inflation, Average Consumer Prices (Indexed to Year 2000) for Philippines in year 2013 is 134.068 (Index, Base Year 2000 = 100). Inflation (Average Consumer Price Change %) for Philippines in year 2013 is 3.063 %. Inflation, End of Year (Indexed to Year 2000) for Philippines in year 2013 is 136.167 (Index, Base Year 2000 = 100). Inflation (End of Year Change %) for Philippines in year 2013 is 3.707 %.

Actually, we can’t change the fact that inflation is happening in our world today. Undesirable inflation is really a problem when it hit a poor country like the Philippines. Although there are plans and policies are created to improve the standards of living of the people. Inflation has a huge...
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