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Topics: Immune system, Blood, Blood type Pages: 5 (959 words) Published: December 10, 2012
1. How to differentiate “O” and a Bombay groups:

2. AHG Test: Wash with NSS 3X to remove globulins. Why?

3. Aside from serum, Anti A and anti B can also be found in_______

4. Anti-Duffy antibodies can cause HDN and HTR, True or False?

5. Emergency cases patients transfused with

6. Intrauterine transfusion: blood unit of choice is: PRBC, Frozen RBC, anything will do

7. Aside from Whole blood and PRBC, what component is needed to be crossmatch prior to transfusion?

8. What proteolytic enzyme is not utilized by to enhance antibody activity?

9. Enhances granulocyte production in leukapheresis

10. Specific gravity of copper sulfate for Hgb screening

11. Antigens belonging to KELL except: Lutheran, Cellano, Penney, Sutter

12. Next to ABO, what blood group system is tested prior to transfusion

13. How to test in vivo sensitization of RBCs

14. Sugar responsible for Grp B blood group specificity

15. Rh-Hr nomenclature is introduced by?

16. CRP indicates what?

17. Qualitative VDRL is interpreted by: titration, naked eye, spectrophotometer, microscopically

18. Presence of excess antigen

19. Major blood group system destroyed by enzymes

20. How to differentiate IgG antibodies from sensitized RBCs

21. Type and screening Antibodies reduce time for

22. Weak D (Du) best detected by

23. HLA complex is located on

24. Sum of all attractive forces between antigen and antibodies

25. Strength of primary interaction between a single antibody and combining site and an epitope

26. Antibodies in Rh system typically react at what temperature

27. Blood components prepared in BB except: Fibrinogen, Cryosupernatant, Deglycerolized RBC, Washed RBC

28. Not necessary for autologous transfusion

29. Immediate precursor of H gene

30. Blood group system that is associated with late HTR

31. Anti-I is a problem in BB because it is a: Cold Agglutinin, Warm agglutinin, Either, neither

32. Weil Felix test is main diagnostic tool for:

33. Weil felix reaction utilizes what type of organism

34. Buffered adenine glucose mannitol of CPD

35. Usual source of screening cells in antibody screening

36. Detects antigen-antibody reaction by measuring light scattering

37. Ig that acts as soldier in mucosal surfaces of the body

38. Ig known as primary immune response

39. Heat labile Ig

40. Combination of soluble antigen and soluble antibodies

41. Xenogenecity in transplant immunology clarifies what?

42. The regulatory function of Ts cells is directed to the activities of what T-cell?

43. Molecular complex formed of antigen and antibody bound specifically together

44. Number of binding sites present on either antigen or antibody molecule is referred as

45. Active immunity occurs in administration of: immune serum, toxoid, either, neither

46. Cell forms erythrocyte-antibody-complement rosette

47. Portion of antigenic determinant that capable of reacting with antibody

48. Antigenically defined types within Ig light chain

49. Antibody against the following will react against all Ig classes: y heavy, x heavy, gamma light, alpha heavy

50. Test required the use of cells serum mixtures, 1st to be placed in test tube is: cell, serum, either, neither

51. Portion of antibody molecule shows no antigen reactivity

52. Western blot detects which set of antigen

53. Causative agents of disease produce elevated cold agglutinin titer

54. Heterophil antibodies produced in IM agglutinates what RBC

55. Maximum volume of whole blood that can be donated per kg of body weight

56. Patient taking Dufasteride may be able to donate blood after

57. Patient who had tetanus toxoid immunization is deferred for

58. Best assay to detect CMV: RIA, EIA, IHA, complement fixation

59. Ig most efficient in binding complement

60. Lectin use to identify the A1 subtype of !

61. Which is associated with M. pneumonia infection and...
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