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Topics: Bread, Flour, Oven Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: July 5, 2015
Reaction Paper on Gardenia Philippines
The usage of most advanced large-scale bread manufacturing facility that is fully automated and computer controlled, untouched by human hands of Gardenia in their conversion cycle is the most remarkable in their system. As I have personally seen how the machines process all the ingredients to ensure the quality and freshness of their products, I could really say that the company had used well the technology available to give them the best advantage in their industry. I have also seen how their workers ensure quality control by checking any deformed loaf of bread ahead of the process and then putting a sign on it – a pink paper in their case – to notify the person in charge to remove it before the packing stage. I have had this impression that maybe the reason why defective breads were not being removed at an earlier stage of the process is because these breads undergo joint processing with non-defective breads and will later be used for further processing in order to be sold as one of the by-product of the company. I have been informed that one example of the company’s by-product is fish feeds.

On the other hand, the bad side that I could comment on their system includes: First, ingredients being spilled on the floor; second, idle time of workers due to lesser load being caused by their capital-intensive system; third, machines with visible rust on its sides (although it is not the side where ingredients are being mixed); and lastly, machine that has no automatic defective bread remover. The first one was very apparent especially in the way one worker transfer flour from sack into the machine. I suggest that someone should supervise those tasks so that workers will not waste ingredients. The second one was also observable as I have seen two workers lying down near the table on the distribution area. I have also heard that shifting of workers also incur in the cycle, though I was not able to ask where do workers go after...
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